5 New Yorkers  - 5 Years - 14 Hairstyles

Cast and Crew

Produced, Directed and Photographed by   Betsy Nagler

Edited by
Keli Meyer and
Betsy Nagler

Co-Producer   Sydra Mallery

Additional Photography by   Charles Moss

Music Supervisor   Mike Meurin

Featuring   Joannie Chen
Teresa Southern
Doug Stewart
Peggy Sutton
Kirby Wooten

With Appearances by

Frankie Cocktail
Lisa Kapler
Kevin Woon
Sophie Zucker
Moe Smith
Jackie Dempsey

  Jason Britton
Melissa Brown
Milena Gravenhorst
Dave Hickey
Rachel Orol
Joe Ben Plummer
Lorna Reece
Steve O'Hearn
Luke Geissbuhler

Sound Edited and Mixed by   Jacob Burckhardt

Sound Editing and Mixing Facilities   Work Edit



Hip Length
Very Leggy
Mambo 1000
Beatbox Cha Cha
Jackie Go
Mucho Tequila

  Performed by Ursula 1000
Written & Produced by
Alex Gimeno
Published by Ursula 1000 Music
(ASCAP) admin by BUG Music
Licensed Courtesy of ESL Music

Samba 1000
  Performed by Ursula 1000
Written & Produced by
Alex Gimeno
Published by Ursula 1000 Music
(ASCAP) admin by Bug Music & Kasz Money Publishing

Cosmic Clock
Written by Wilton Wall
Produced by Mike Meurin

Written & Produced by
Peter Slade & Stan Eberlein
c. 2003 Legofriendly

Walking Man
Written & Produced by Taiyo

  Beat Down
Written by Miko
Produced by Reda Benembarek
c. Miko Music

New York City Hairdo
Written by Sam Mallery
Performed by Hidden Driveways
c. 2002



Extra Special Thanks to

Roseann Evans
Joan Hocky
Pauline Toole
David Alvarez
Fred Helm
Matthew Bucholtz
Jason Bolling
Joram Schwartz
Deborah Dickson
Mary Molina
Paola Guttierez
Amy McCampbell
Andie Bensky
Michael Slezak
Stan Rosenfeld PR
Matt Cauley
Zak Othmer
Ruth Marten
K.A. Meyers
Jonathan Morris
Jennifer Lee
Lena Donatelli
Michelle Jang
Stephen Decena
Steve Weintraub
Brad Verity
Tim Travaglini
Carol R. Keane
Nicholas Piazza
Marci McLendon


Iris & Stephen Nagler
Hugo Perez
Craig Marsden
The Park Slope Neighborhood Family Center
Xan Parker
Nancy Chandross
Alison Berg
Francois Keraudren
Angela Jefferson
Selina Lewis
Alice Wu
Danae Oratowski
Remy Kharbanda
Conde Nast Publications
Genre Magazine
Gina Angelacci
Ernie Mc Nutt
Corrine Bertram
Naomi Brussel
Brooke Williams
Cara Hill
Daryll Pierre
Brenda Jones
Tiffany Wolf
Ken Scudder
Gayle Weisman
Richard Aiora

Extra Extra Special Thanks to
Gretchen Kunz
Website by    
Gretchen Kunz

This film is made possible with public funds from
the New York State Council on the Arts.
In Kings County, the Decentralization Program is administered by
the Brooklyn Arts Council, Inc. (BAC)